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Arch Linux Arch Linux 2012.08.04
Disks : 1 CD
Platform : Gnome
Architecture : x64
Price Rs. : 14.99

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In Archlinux 2012 i686+x86_64 is a new installation media are available and there are fewer of them and they are smaller. But they can do more. Notable changes of the same is all ISO files can now be burned onto CDs as well as written to media like USB sticks, more than half of the packages in core are now xz compressed, next to the single architecture images we provide dual images which can be used as 32-bit or 64-bit medium. About Arch Linux Arch Linux is an independently developed, i686 and x86_64-optimised Linux distribution targeted at competent Linux users. It uses 'pacman', its home-grown package manager, to provide updates to the latest software applications with full dependency tracking. Operating on a rolling release system, Arch can be installed from a CD image or via an FTP server. The default install provides a solid base that enables users to create a custom installation. In addition, the Arch Build System (ABS) provides a way to easily build new packages, modify the configuration of stock packages, and share these packages with other users via the Arch Linux user repository.
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