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Debian (Wheezy) Debian (Wheezy) 7.1
Disks : 3 DVD
Platform : Gnome
Architecture : x86
Price Rs. : 104.97

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After many months of constant development, the Debian project isrnproud to present its new stable version 7.1 (code name "Wheezy").rnThis new version of Debian includes various interesting features suchrnas multiarch support, several specific tools to deploy private clouds,rnan improved installer, and a complete set of multimedia codecs andrnfront-ends which remove the need for third-party repositories.rnrnMultiarch support, one of the main release goals for "Wheezy", willrnallow Debian users to install packages from multiple architectures onrnthe same machine. This means that you can now, for the first time,rninstall both 32- and 64-bit software on the same machine and have allrnthe relevant dependencies correctly resolved, automatically.rnrnThe installation process has been greatly improved: Debian can now berninstalled using software speech, above all by visually impaired peoplernwho do not use a Braille device. Thanks to the combined efforts of arnhuge number of translators, the installation system is available in 73rnlanguages, and more than a dozen of them are available for speechrnsynthesis too.rnIn addition, for the first time, Debian supports installation andrnbooting using UEFI for new 64-bit PCs (amd64), although there is nornsupport for "Secure Boot" yet.
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