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ALT Linux Live ALT Linux Live 6.0.0
Disks : 1 CD
Platform : Gnome
Architecture : x64
Price Rs. : 14.99

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ALT Linux 6.0.0 "Centaurus" edition is a Russian general-purpose distribution for desktops and servers. This is a universal GNU/Linux distribution intended for use on servers, desktop systems and laptops. New features in this release are : selection of installed solutions such as web server or desktop environment during installation; support for manual system services setup and web-based configuration using the Alterator control center. This release contains GNOME 2 and FVWM, Linux kernels 3.0.7 and 2.6.32.
About ALT Linux ALT Linux was founded in 2001 by a merge of two large Russian free software projects. By the year 2008 it became a large organization developing and deploying free software, writing documentation and technical literature, supporting users, and developing custom products. ALT Linux produces different types of distributions for various purposes. There are desktop distributions for home and office computers and for corporate servers, universal distributions that include a wide variety of development tools and documentation, certified products, distributions specialized for educational institutions, and distributions for low-powered computers. ALT Linux has its own development infrastructure and repository called Sisyphus, which provides the base for all the different editions of ALT Linux.
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