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Aptosid Aptosid 2011-03
Disks : 1 CD
Platform : KDE
Architecture : x64
Price Rs. : 14.99

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aptosid 2011-03 is a desktop distribution based on Debian's unstable branch and featuring the latest KDE and Xfce desktops. New features in aptosid 2011-02 are numerous integration and stabilisation fixes. Kernel 2.6.39 doesn't only improve and stabilise hardware support for newer devices, it also improves latency and general system performance. Starting with KDE 4.6 and Xfce 4.8, HAL has now become obsolete and got replaced by event-driven udev-based alternative which allows to run common desktop setups without the HAL daemon.
About aptosid The aptosid distribution is a desktop-oriented operating system and live CD based on the unstable branch of Debian GNU/Linux. Besides full compatibility with its parent, the distribution also offers a custom kernel with support for a wide variety of modern hardware devices, KDE as the default desktop environment, a rolling release cycle, and compliance with Debian's Free Software guidelines.
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