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AV Linux AV Linux 6.0
Disks : 1 DVD
Platform : Gnome
Architecture : x86
Price Rs. : 34.99

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AV Linux 6.0 i386 is a Debian-based distribution geared towards media production. After a very turbulent development period AV Linux 6.0 is finally here. This will be the final release of AV Linux for a variety of reasons however don't stop reading at the word 'final', this is a state-of-the-art release that culminates over 5 versions and 5 years of experience and refinement into the best release to date. Changelog: update to Linux kernel 3.0.36, update to X.Org from 'Squeeze' backports, cleaned up and improved boot with dependency-based booting, allow all users access to X server, rolled Qt stack back to clean 'Squeeze' version to solve breakages from Qt 4.8, new Control Panel, move to Nautilus file manager, added new Hydrogen drum kits, added Nitrogen.
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