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BeleniX BeleniX 0.6.1
Disks : 1 CD
Platform : KDE
Architecture : x86
Price Rs. : 14.99

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BeleniX is an operating system distribution built using the OpenSolaris source base. It can be used as a Live CD as well as installed to hard disk. From the information provided on the BeleniX website, it may appear that currently, BeleniX is compiled only for 32-bit execution (at i586/Pentium op-code based). This is compounded by the lack of clarity on the Belenix site as to whether the BeleniX distribution supports true 64-bit (i.e., x86-64/AMD64) Solaris kernel and userland. However, oblique references from the BeleniX team members have indicated that as of BeleniX 0.7, their live CD contains both 32-bit and 64-bit installation files.[2] Initially developed as a Live CD along the lines of Knoppix to showcase OpenSolaris technologies, Belenix went on to become the initial base for Sun's OpenSolaris distribution.A number of technologies pioneered in the Belenix project have gone on to become full projects in their own right within the OpenSolaris ecosystem. BeleniX is focused on using KDE for its desktop environment, although XFCE has also been supported since the beginning of the distribution. An upcoming release will also include first-class support for GNOME. The BeleniX dev team focuses on technology and on innovation, and aims at working with all communities, including other OpenSolaris based distros such as MilaX, Nexenta OS, and SchilliX. The name and logo are references to the Celtic god of light, Belenus.
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